Selected Services @ GWDG

High Performance Computing & Data Analytics

High-performance computing systems enable researchers of the Max Planck Society and the University of Göttingen to run their parallel data- and compute-intensive applications. Furthermore, a large portfolio of data analytics and bio-informatics applications is offered and tightly integrated into the compute infrastructure. The GWDG also supports MPIs in the procurement process of department-owned resources – from the proposal to the operation. Since 2021, GWDG and the University of Göttingen are one of eight German Centers for National High Performance Computing (NHR Centers) offering services nationwide.

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Storage Services

Storage services are not only essential for almost all scientific disciplines nowadays, but also the foundation of a multitude of standard tasks we execute daily. Therefore, GWDG offers a well selected portfolio of storage services including backup, archive, file service, sync and share (Owncloud & Nextcloud), S3-base object storage, and more.

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Research Data Management

GWDG operates jointly with the Göttingen State and University Library the eResearch Alliance (eRA). The eRA offers services, consulting, and training related to research data management to the Göttingen Campus and beyond. Göttingen Research Online, e.g., is a portal for researchers to central eResearch Services. Despite its name, it is also open to researchers from the MPG. The first available services are GRO.plan, a tool to support data management plan writing,, a place to store, edit and publish research data, and GRO.publications, a system to manage ones research-related publications and create publication lists.

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GWDG Academy

The GWDG Academy offers researchers, students, and staff members of the Max Planck Society a growing number of courses and training offers. Topics like high-performance computing, data analytics, data management, applications, or software development are covered.

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Overall Service Portfolio

The overall portfolio offers a large variety of services for different user groups of the Max Planck Society. The portfolio includes handy services for mobile work (like video conferencing, chat, collaborative pads, or collaborative LaTeX editing), emailing, document management, network services, IT Consulting, and many more.

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