President & Executive Committee


As a statutory body of the MPG, the President has a special status. They represent the MPG in Germany and abroad, as well as providing for a fundamental science-policy. For this purpose, they must maintain an ongoing exchange with the Scientific Members, with German and international scientific institutions, with political bodies on a state, national and European level, and with the general public. In addition to this, the President chairs central association bodies (Senate, Executive Committee, Scientific Council and its sections as well as the General Meeting) and coordinates internal decision-making processes. These include the appointment of Scientific Members and their reclassification, establishing new Institutes, and closing Institutes. In cooperation with the association bodies, the President holds a central role with regard to the further perspective development of the MPG. Furthermore, he is the central body of the internal evaluation division and they monitor scientific quality assurance within the MPG. The Executive Committee supervises the President via the Administrative Headquarters, which provides support for the ongoing business of the Society’s bodies and the Institutes.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee advises the President and prepares important decisions facing the Max Planck Society. It adopts the necessary resolutions. It prepares the overall budget and presents it to the Senate for adoption. It also prepares the annual report for approval by the Senate as well as the annual financial statements for adoption by the Senate. The Executive Committee is made up of the President, at least two Vice Presidents, the Treasurer as well as two to four further members. The Executive Committee supervises Administrative Headquarters through the President. Together with the Secretary General, the Executive Committee forms the Management Board of the Max Planck Society as defined by the law.