Open Access Ambassadors

The Open Access Ambassadors are advocates for Open Access to bring these concepts to their local research communities within their Max Planck Institutes.

Every few years, the MPDL, together with PhDnet, launches a call for one or two young scientists from each Max Planck Institute to be an Open Access Ambassador. There are special conferences and training programs for Ambassadors, in which they can further educate themselves on the topic of Open Access.

The first conference for Ambassadors took place in December 2014 in Munich as the initial spark for an MPG-wide Open Access campaign for young scientists. It was supported at the time by the EU project FOSTER (Facilitate Open Science Training for European Research), a Europe-wide training program designed to help researchers incorporate OA approaches into their existing research methods. Most recently, the Open Access Ambassadors Conference was held with great success in December 2019 in Berlin at the Harnack Haus.