MPG Semiconductor Laboratory (HLL)

The “Halbleiterlabor” (HLL) of the Max Planck Society is a Semiconductor Laboratory and develops, processes, and supplies commercially unavailable state-of-the-art semiconductor radiation detectors for advanced experiments with a focus on high energy and astrophysics research. The HLL is one of the few places in the world where a monolithic integration of electronics into the detector manufacturing process (signal processing, first amplification) has been successfully solved without degrading the detector performance.

Since 2013, the HLL has been an independent central unit of the Max Planck Society with its own staff for basic operation and maintenance of the equipment. Expert staff for processing and system integration is provided by the institutes that use the facility. Today, about 20 physicists, engineers, technicians, and students work at the HLL on the Siemens campus in the Neuperlach district of Munich.